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Frink Collaboration Academy
Get everything set up with automatic updates tailored to your needs.
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About Frink Collaboration Academy
As we created the Frink Collaboration Academy we wanted to offer two main features: an interactive learning platform and training sessions tailored to the user’s job role. Since everybody wants to use their time as efficient as possible we tried to provide quick and easy information provision and without being cocky we accomplished that.
A research project in 2014 showed that many WebEx users have limited know-how of WebEx itself and enlightening us to start the Academy. However, the User Adoption is one of the most underrated services because the ROI is not easy to detect. Yet in order to make the ROI of collaboration services feasible enough people have to use it.
Product Features
Product Benefits
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For our services we intend to charge monthly based on the number of users and the adoption model chosen.
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Content Portfolio
*On request, we are happy to add any other version/technologies you need.
Preview the Frink Academy here:
  • Quick & Easy: Studying and Troubleshooting Gamification as learning method
  • Trainings tailored to job roles
  • Fast Support & Automatic Content Update
  • SSO for an easy start
  • Reduced Service Desk Need
  • Less Incident Tickets
  • Increased User Adoption
  • Updated Learning Materials

  • Basic Adoption
  • Advanced Adoption
The Frink Academy startsite, featuring the technologies
of your choice.
  • Jabber Versions: 10.5(6), 11.1(3), 11.5(3), 11.6(0)
  • Telcos Models: 8831, 7937
  • Telephones Models: 7962, 7965, 8841, 8851
  • TelePresence Software Versions: TC7, CE8
  • WebEx Versions: 28, 29, 30, 31

Frink Analytics Lab
We make collaboration usage visible for the first time.
Tags: Frink  Human Factors  Business Factors  Tech Factors  collaboration  business relevance  business impact  optimization  global analytics 
About Frink Analytics Lab
Frink Analytics Lab is the first tool that allows you to measure the impact of your collaboration investments by scaling the activity of your collaboration technologies. We offer statistics and reports showing which end-users have used which technology and how often. In other words, with Frink Analytics Lab we are making business impact visible allowing you to improve your collaboration infrastructure immensely.
Prior to Frink Analytics Lab there was no possibility to monitor your collaboration services or to measure its impact - especially not in real time. We help you to make the intangible measureable and offer you the opportunity to adjust your collaboration services to the latest trends.
Product Features
Product Benefits
For our services we intend to charge monthly based on the number of users and the analytics model chosen.
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Preview Analytics Lab here:
  • Monitor Trends
  • Realtime Graphs
  • Planning Support
  • Measure Technology Impact
  • Reporting Tools
  • Product Security
  • Cost Optimization
  • Cost Control
  • User Resistance Detection
  • Incident Detection
  • Basic Analytics
  • Forensic Analytics - coming soon
The Frink Analytics Lab makes your collaboration systems and its impact on your business visible and measurable for the first time.
The main benefits for you are as following: