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Frink Collaboration Butler
A software solution that makes booking a meeting room easier than ever.
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About Frink Collaboration Butler
Frink Collaboration Butler is all about convenience as it allows you to book a Cisco TelePresence® room through your IBM Lotus Notes® calendar. It just takes one click to add Cisco TP and/or WebEx® to the meeting.
Furthermore all necessary information to join the meeting can be found in the calendar entry. All information is available for all participants and will be updated automatically if changed.
Our observation was that collaboration usage between Cisco and IBM was low due to inconvenience. In our belief the key to any successful IT project is usability and therefore, a high user adoption. So the Frink Collaboration Butler acts as a connecter between separate programs and additionally increases the number of users, frequency of meetings and overall user satisfaction.
Product Features
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Product Benefits
While ESNA tries to match their motto “communication should be easy” we are one step ahead as the Frink Collaboration Butler updates your calendar automatically without sending extra emails keeping your inbox empty. Apart from many other features with Butler WebEx enabled Telepresence/CMR Support. So we guess ESNA has a point with their motto but the Frink Collaboration Butler makes communication even easier, see image below.
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Our Pricing is composed of three elements: License (pay per Endpoint), Implementation (one-time fee) and Maintenance (1-5 years available).
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Preview Frink Collaboration Butler
  • Easy Booking
  • Useful Calendar Entries
  • Non-Invasive Solution
  • Supports Existing Relations
  • Supports Existing Setup
  • Supports Deployment Modus
  • Platform Independent
  • Multi Language
Below you find a couple of examples of the services of the Frink Collaboration Butler. Alternatively you find a wider collection of examples on our product page.
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Frink Turnkey SSO
One password on all devices.
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About Frink Turnkey SSO
With Frink Turnkey SSO we enable users to access different applications with just one sign-in, also called a Single Sign-On. First it does not sound like much but the advantages coming with it are huge. SSO can significantly enhance your level of security.
Ever since about half of all Help Desk calls are requests for password resets, we have been thinking that our customers deserve an easier way to operate with their application, so we developed the Frink Turnkey SSO. In our belief it is our duty to offer our customer the easiest and best solutions possible.
Product Features
Product Benefits
As we were talking about convenience throughout the text our pricing does not differ from that. For our Frink Turnkey SSO we charge a set-up fee, additionally there is a monthly maintenance service available.
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  • Customized, based on ADFS or OpenAM
  • Turnkey Solution with no SAML know-how needed
  • Optimized for various scenarios (Win/Mac/Mobile)
  • Operations packages available
  • Integration of both: cloud and on premise solutions
  • Help Desk Cost Reduction
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • User Satisfaction
  • Time Saving
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