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User Adoption is the art of making technological change agreeable for (almost) everyone. Through our unique approach, we achieve the highest adoption rate for our customers.

Three Circles


Our experience shows us that the promised ROI of collaboration services is only feasible if users are willing and enabled to use it. Through our unique approach, we make sure that collaboration is productive and pleasant for everyone - and the new tools are a lasting success.


In order to inspire lasting change in your collaboration culture, it is crucial to tell a story that resonates with your users. Our in-house creative team accompanies your roll-out with witty, targeted messages and visuals, tailored to your company. That’s how we ensure to get people’s attention - and all important parties on board.



Over the years, we have planned and executed User Adoption projects in many different industries and locations – achieving impressive results throughout. While having a different, user-orientated approach certainly makes for an appealing offer, we can fortify our claims with facts and numbers based on previous projects - to show you that you can have your cake and eat it too.


In order to make sure that the usage numbers remain at a constant high after the roll-out, we provide up-to-date learning materials on our FRINK Collaboration Academy as well as (virtual) trainings for Webex®, conducted by our in-house experts and customized to your configuration and needs.

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